What is a Short Sale?

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Do you think that Foreclosure is your only option?

There is a better option -

Consider a Short Sale


What is a Short Sale?

A short sale is one where the net proceeds from the sale won't cover your total mortgage obligation and closing costs, and you don't have other sources of money to cover the deficiency. A short sale is different from a foreclosure, which is when your lender takes title of your home through a lengthy legal process and then sells it.

A Short Sale is ONE option -

* Visit the HUD Foreclosure Web Page for other alternatives to foreclosure.

Ask your Lender what loan modification programs are available to you.  Your lender may agree to amend your mortgage to help you avoid foreclosure. For many lenders, loan modification is a suitable workout option since lender losses on foreclosures can run high. No need to hire a third party company that will charge you a FEE to negotiate with your lender.

Loan modification options include:


·        Lowering the interest rate.

·        Giving you more years to pay off the loan.

·        Forgiving part of the loan, to lower your monthly payment.


When a loan modification still isn’t enough to relieve your financial problems,

a short sale could be your best option if you have experienced:


·        job loss

·        business failure

         illness and medical costs


         death of a spouse


         reduced income


Hire a qualified team.  My name is Maria Mastrolonardo, I am a Short Sale Agent - SFR Certified, licensed since 1997. I am working to help you avoid foreclosure! I have helped hundreds of homeowners through the short sale process. I am here to offer any assistance, answer your questions and help you through this stressful time.


I work closely with a Short Sale Team; real estate attorney, tax advisor and credit repair firm. Together we have a thorough working knowledge of the short-sale process. We are here for you and won't try to take advantage of your situation. Our goal is to keep everything in your best interest and look out for your financial future.


My Short Sale service is FREE OF CHARGE TO YOU. All FEES including; Realtor commission, Attorney fees and all other costs related to the closing are paid by the Lender at closing.



 It all starts with your FREE Consultation. 

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Do NOT be foreclosed on! Avoid Foreclosure. Short Sales DO close.