Best wishes and best of luck!


Tracy and I would like to sincerely thank you for your honesty, persistence, professionalism, and optimism you showed us in the sale of our Naperville home. Selling a house is seldom easy, rarely fun, and then add to that a difficult housing market and our needing to relocate before the house was sold, but you went above and beyond marketing the house, keeping after buyers and agents, handling the lawyers and mortgagors and closing details, and managing all those little things that were difficult for us to handle being 200 miles away. You were there for us - keeping us connected and in the loop with what was happening and you were always just a quick phone call or email away. We couldn't be happier with the result of the sale...all thanks to you!

Best wishes and best of luck!

- S. Kruger, Naperville IL

Thank you again for EVERYTHING!!!

"Maria, you were nothing but amazing! Thank you again for EVERYTHING!!!"

- PS, Aurora, IL

Thank you so much!

Thank you so much. It's a delightful news, indeed. Your advices and wisdom in handling various situations have shined through, albeit with much turbulence. You are the best! Wish you the best!"

- MH, Plainfield, IL

She Did a Great Job!

"My wife Bethany and I first met Maria in June of 2009 when we were looking to sell our previous property. We lived in Aurora, and I went on-line to find local real estate agents. Maria's name came up right away, and when we met with her both Beth and I were comfortable from the start. Within a week of listing our home we were getting appointments, and in a month we received an offer. although the property was in nice condition, we truly believe the sale of our previous home was due to Maria's knowledge of the current market, and her professionalism in stay on top of the buyer's side of the transaction. After 1 month of inspections and working with lawyers, we closed on the sale of the home.

Now came the purchase of our new home. I am a small business owner, and like most businesses, my cash flow is what makes my company run. Because of this, we looked for the best "bang for our buck". Maria did an excellent job of finding homes in our price range. She knew I had resources and time to put the work in, and set up 4-5 appointments a day looking at foreclosure and short sale properties. Perhaps Maria's greatest attribute is that she has a very good understanding of her clients. Once we narrowed our selections to 4 properties, she did an excellent job of prioritizing what was most important, and really helping us aim for the perfect home. At the time, the foreclosure property looked like a challenge, but the three of us took one day at a time and lined up the right banking, law firm, and contractors to get the job done in a timely and efficient manner. After 6 weeks of hard work from all sides, we were able to close on the home of our dreams. A day doesn't go by that my wife and I cannot believe where we started 6 months ago, and where we are today. We have thanked Maria multiple times for all her hard work, but I think the smiles on our faces and our happiness due to our new home says it all. I also believe Maria took pride in being able to find this home for us, and she should. She did a great job."

- Damon & Bethany Foster, Oswego IL

A Satisfied Client

"Buying a home is one of the biggest financial decisions that will ever be made, and it is important to have the most efficient support team. Maria was most definitely a major part of our team. We purchased our primary residence with Maria in September 2008 and we are very happy with our new home. It was a pleasure working with her and her patience really paid off. It's great when a realtor allows you to take your time and understands the importance of your final decision. Being in the mortgage industry for over 6 years I've had many experiences both good and bad, and doing business with Maria was hastle free. Throughout our search Maria made us feel comfortable and although she is our realtor, she also became a friend of ours. I have and will continue to refer all of my own referrals/clients, friends and family to Maria knowing they are in good hands.

- Lourdes M Lopez, Frankfort IL

You are awesome!

"I just had to take the time to tell you how much of a help and a blessing you were. You helped us immensely with selling our home in such a challenging time. Prior to you we had been trying soo many different things for years and years. I appreciate your professionalism, positive attitude and thorough follow through. I had run out of energy and motivation in dealing with our old home after we moved to California and your were seriously my last and final resort before I just let the house go foreclosure. You took the reins and handled all the stressful parts of getting the approval from the banks, finding a buyer, getting the property prepped and dealing with our crazy schedule. I definitely can say You are awesome!!
Thanks and God Bless!"

- Richard J. Reliford, Los Angeles CA